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 I have spent the last 40 years developing the methods specifically designed to take advantage of the opportunity for low stress, mastery learning that is possible working one on one.  


In my mathematics tutoring I not only go over your child’s school work, but also use part of every session to practice foundational skills and concepts.  This is not drill, but hands on, practice based learning done out loud, full of talk, laughter, and connection.  


My methods and approach are grounded in an understanding of the neurobiology of low stress, practice based learning, as well as many years working with current mathematics content.  


I currently specialize in remote math tutoring for children in upper elementary and middle school.  I am especially aware of the impact of the Covid lock down on children who are now about to enter the world of Algebra and higher math.   


Contact me for a free initial consultation on your child’s needs, as well as my thoughts on why tutoring methods matter as much as content. 

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